Personal Coaching

Working with Tricia as your personal coach assures you of optimum results. Tailoring the sessions to your individual needs, she offers a fast track method of overcoming obstacles and implementing change.
Backed by her sharp intuitive skills, Tricia is able to swiftly get to the core of an issue and help you unlock more of your true potential. Her aim is to stretch your vision of who you are and what is possible as you move beyond conflict, fear or doubt – either in the professional arena or in your personal life.

What can you expect to get from a series of sessions?
You will be given the support and practical tools to:

Develop your strengths and overcome your weaknesses
Become more receptive to being supported, rewarded and acknowledged
Instil a deeper sense purpose into your career
Awaken more of your passion and vitality
Release negative behaviour patterns
Foster more rewarding relationships
Understand the root cause of conflict in your relationships
Expand your communication skills
Develop your level of self-worth
Manage the balance between your working life and personal life
Overcome specific challenges that arise

Coaching Package

Living with Power, Passion and Purpose

If your primary focus is to create a life inspired by passion and purpose, this is the ideal option. The coaching package includes six private one-hour sessions over the duration of two to six months – you set your own pace. You are provided with an interactive online journal that Tricia monitors as you progress through the process.

During each session, you will discuss your challenges, insights and aspirations as you complete a series of simple exercises with Tricia’s guidance. Her aim is to offer you encouragement and insight as she steers you towards living a life you genuinely love.

No matter where you are in the world, you stay connected either in person or through conference calls in person or via phone or Skype
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What People Are Saying
I was working with a corporate coach as part of my development program at work and was finding it difficult to understand how to align my life goals with my work goals. My coach recommended Tricia and I have used her coaching sessions and personal sessions over the past 3 years. It has been an amazing experience - I feel as if I have understood, through working with Tricia, more about myself and my life's direction (both career and personal) in the past three years than I would have managed to uncover over the rest of my lifetime.

I can't recommend her highly enough to people who are serious about their growth - Tricia has recently also helped me with leadership work and coaching for a number of my senior staff members who have needed clarity around next steps and around fulfilment and all have benefited hugely. I will always feel incredibly fortunate that my first coach had the insight to put me in touch with Tricia.

Senior Executive - Banking Corporation AU

The coaching program was an amazing and life changing experience. I now appreciate the value of self-love and worth, which has significantly increased my confidence and optimism. My heartfelt thanks to Tricia for sharing her wisdom and insightfulness.

A. Jones: HR Professional - Melbourne, AU

What started out as an interests in self-improvement, turned into a life experience of so much more. The combination of Tricia’s caring coaching style and the depth of content in The Map Of The Soul together produced an amazing clarity into living an extraordinary life that fulfils ones purpose, and the knowledge of what was holding me back. Since completing the course my relationships are more meaningful, my business is stronger, and I’m living the life of my dreams.

Geoff: CEO - Laguna Beach, US

Before I started my coaching with the Tricia I was achieving certain goals in my life but it was with a feeling of detachment and lack of confidence that I was on the right path. Through Tricia's guidance, I gained a beautiful appreciation of myself and my innate talents. I also connected to a deep well of passion within me and developed very clear insight into my true purpose in life. From there everything just blossomed. I've embarked on a brilliant new career that aligns perfectly with my authentic self and I'm expressing more love and joy in my relationships and in life. The experience has been a precious gift, it has transformed me and my life and I am so grateful for it.

Stephanie: Writer/Radio Broadcaster - San Diego, US

Tricia has been a tremendous coach for me not only by helping me grow and expand my business and effectiveness, she has also greatly impacted my own body of work through her direct feedback, thoughtful and provoking insights and by pushing me beyond my own self limiting beliefs. Although, there were times that I resisted her ability to laser focus and shine the light on my blindspots, in the end, she was dead on and for her ability to open my eyes - I am grateful. Not only am I a better coach through my work with Tricia - I am proud to say that I am a better partner, mother, daughter and friend.

Juliana Gambrell: Corporate Consultant/Coach - U.S.A

Get ready to hit the "GO" button on your life as The Map of The Soul unlocks a journey of self-discovery. With a stronger marriage, two promotions and the arrival of our Son in the same year, my coaching with Tricia underscored the importance of learning from my past to take life to the next level.

Craig: Health Professional - San Francisco, US

A coaching session with Tricia is like speaking to a wise and caring lifetime friend who knows every step you've taken throughout your life and who wants to help you with a deeper understanding. Tricia knows, understands, and helps you get perspective and get clear. Each session with Tricia has been special and magical, and I always come away feeling amazing and truly inspired.

Jodie: Sales Manager, - Auckland, NZ

An Important Note
It is important to recognize that Tricia Brennan is a coach and does not offer psychotherapy in any form. Her sessions, forums and retreats are based on metaphysical principals are appropriate for those who are willing to take full responsibility for their own personal growth and experience, both mentally and emotionally. Tricia’s intention is to empower people in their journey of self-discovery and is not a substitute for medical opinion.