Private Soul Sessions

A Soul Session with Tricia is for people who are serious about their personal and spiritual growth. They offer you a rare opportunity to gain deep and profound insight into the journey of your Soul – far beyond what you might image. As a gifted intuitive, she explains the origin of your stumbling blocks or challenges and helps you gain clarity and a deeper understanding of your current circumstances and significant relationships.

During the process, Tricia will quickly and accurately uncovers your behavioural patterns and fundamental beliefs, which reveal your life’s lessons. This will help you understand why things happen in your life and why you attract certain people into your world. Her intention is to align you with your Soul’s purpose and help you embrace more of your inherent power and beauty.

You will be encouraged to record your session and process the information in a reflective state. This will help you make the most out of the information you are given and potentially use it during follow-up coaching.

In-depth Life Review – 90 minutes

Clarity and guidance around a specific issue – 60 minutes

Sessions by appointment in person or via Phone or Skype
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What People Are Saying
My session with Tricia was a gentle, but profound awakening in my self, my purpose as a human being; a confirmation of my uniqueness, given with joy, enthusiasm, timeless wisdom & unconditional love. For me, it was the beginning of my conscious in-depth journey into my self, initiated by a remarkable woman.

B. Brooks : Director Nature Care College - Sydney, AU

It was nothing short of amazing to sit with Patricia while she talked to me about my subconscious beliefs and how I created the situations I had found myself in, regarding my career and relationships. She expanded on what I needed to do to create the kind of life I really want. That day was one of the most inspiring and useful of my life so far.

A. Neidra : Production Editor – Australian Well-Being Magazine - Sydney, AU

For anyone committed to changing his/her life, a session with Tricia is a revolutionary, uplifting and truly inspirational experience. The most phenomenal gift you can give yourself – simple and powerful, confronting but totally loving but it's profound gentleness and compassion.

Linden: Actor - Sydney, AU

An Important Note
It is important to recognize that Tricia Brennan is a coach and does not offer psychotherapy in any form. Her sessions, forums and retreats are based on metaphysical principals are appropriate for those who are willing to take full responsibility for their own personal growth and experience, both mentally and emotionally. Tricia’s intention is to empower people in their journey of self-discovery and is not a substitute for medical opinion.