Group Forum Sessions

Living with Power Passion and Purpose

Tricia works with a small group of individuals one night a week - over the course of six-weeks. Time – 7pm until 9.00pm

This seminar series was designed to help you access your personal power and awaken more of your power and beauty. You will be given both the practical tools and insight necessary to help you overcome obstacles in your world and attain a greater level of success. Over the coarse of a six-week period, you will develop a deeper relationship with yourself that will allow you to follow your heart and be true to yourself. This will enable you to develop your confidence and go beyond struggle and claim your true worth. Our aim is to stretch your vision of what is possible and inspire you to take positive action towards creating a life that you genuinely love.

What you can expect to get from the seminar?

You will be given the tools to:

• Release your attachment to the past
• Overcome areas of self-doubt
• Embrace your power to choose
• Reach a deeper level of self-acceptance
• Become more receptive to being supported and acknowledged
• Reawaken your passion and vitality
• Release negative behaviour habits
• Foster more rewarding relationships
• Develop your level of self-worth

Limited to groups of 8 to 20 participants held in person or via
VoiP Teleconference

Small Group Gathering

Finding the Gold in Your Shadow
There are few of us who have reached a level of self-love that allows us to consistently uphold our confidence without wavering. Most of us feel incomplete in some way. Whenever we search for something or someone else to fill that void we disregard our true of worth. Until we retrieve the hidden parts of ourselves from the Shadow, we will never feel completely satisfied.

During this one-day group forum, you will review the areas where you give your power away. We then move on to uncover the treasures and truths of your Shadow, which will allow you to claim more of your True Self. By learning to embrace your shadow, you can finally realize you are ‘good enough’, knowing you are worthy of being fully loved.

The Group Gatherings are limited to 20 participants. The forum begin on a Saturday morning and conclude on Sunday afternoon. Each full day consists of open discussions and practical exercises.

Prerequisite for the Day: You will be asked to complete a series of simple exercises extracted from The Map of the Soul so you are prepared to move deeper into the Shadow work you will do with the group. This will help to expedite the process.

Small Group Retreats

Intuition - The Language of the Heart
  • Learn how your intuition works & how it can help you in all aspects of your life.
  • Gain clarity around specific issues and access wisdom on how to change them.
  • Build a stronger connection in your relationships by ‘tuning in’ to others.
  • Distinguish between your intuition and fear.

Your intuition can offer you comfort, counsel and profound insight – helping you become a muse, an oracle and a proficient healer. Its aim is true and steadfast – to move you toward deeper love and greater freedom.

During the course of this special weekend, Tricia will share the knowledge she has garnered over 20 years working as a gifted intuitive. You will discover a new way of perceiving the world through your inner senses, which will stretch your capacity to receive information and gain– clarity, direction, insight and wisdom.

The depth and mechanics of our intuition can be complex, but the keys to using it are very simple. Through meditation techniques, you will become familiar with your undistinguished senses and develop a stronger relationship with your subconscious mind – the aspect of you that retrieves information through your the collective unconscious.

The Group Retreats are an intimate gatherings limited to 14 participants. Held in a semi rural area, they begin on Saturday morning and conclude on Sunday afternoon. Each full day consists of open discussions, group exercises and meditation.
An Important Note
It is important to recognize that Tricia Brennan is a spiritual teacher and does not offer psychotherapy in any form. Her sessions, forums and retreats are based on metaphysical principals are appropriate for those who are willing to take full responsibility for their own personal growth and experience, both emotionally and spiritually.  Tricia’s intention is to empower people in their journey of self discovery and is not a substitute for medical or professional opinion.