The Map of the Soul - Discovering Your True Purpose
Does your life have a higher purpose or is it merely a series of random events? Do unseen forces influence the course of your fate? Can you trust your intuition? Answer these & many other questions including the most important question – Why are you here?
Looking Beyond the Mirror, Attracting Love
Looking Beyond the Mirror. Twelve Steps to Overcoming Self-doubt. An insiders view of what goes on beneath the façade of a select group of people who have risen above mediocrity to create extraordinary lives.
Attracting Love. A Step-by-Step guide on how to attract your ideal partner! This 3-part audio book offers you a series of magical tools to help boost your personal magnetism & attract love in your life.
The Art of Balance, Body Transformation, The Stress First Aid Kit
The Art of Balance for Power, Passion and Peace. A series of Meditations for transforming your mental & emotional state. Selecting the CD for the emotion you want to address, you will be able to specifically transform a negative state into a positive one.
Body Transformation Inside-Out. Body Transformation Inside-Out uses the correlation between mind, body and emotions to promote health, vitality and serenity. This recording will help you modify your behavior & establish a healthy, balanced way of life.
The Stress First Aid Kit. A series of meditations for transforming your mental & emotional state. Coping with today's lifestyle can leave you feeling empty, anxious, overwhelmed and burnt out. These recordings provide immediate relief from the symptoms of everyday stress.