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The Map of the Soul will help you move beyond the small story of your life and step into the bigger picture of who you are and what is possible.

As you progress through the 12 Levels of Discovery, you will complete a series of exercises, which will reveal specific insights. Keeping a log of those Key Coordinates will lay the foundation for Discovering Your True Purpose. They will steer you towards the pinnacle point on the Map of your Soul, aligning you with your ultimate destiny.

Along the way, you will define the components of your Dark Matrix, pinpointing the blockages that hold your limiting patterns and reoccurring experiences in place. By surmounting those obstacles, you claim more of your personal power and become more of your True Self.

During the program, you will learn to interpret the language of your Soul or ‘Soul-Speak’ – This will help you develop your intuition, which will allow you to hear your Soul’s call to adventure and create a life you genuinely love.

Following that trail, you will alter your emotional energy and lift into the higher frequencies of love, joy and freedom - the magnetic field associated with the Light Matrix. Here you will weave a luminous dream that is born from your heart that aligns with your Soul’s purpose.

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Sample the Map of the Soul Meditations - Level 1




Before you begin the program you will need to purchase a copy of the Map of the Soul. Each level is structured in 3 parts the discourse, the exercises and the meditation.

You will need a hard copy journal for your insights, a notebook for completing the exercises or as an alternative you can download an interactive PDF which is available through this website. A CD of the 12 recorded meditations that accompany each level of the program is available to make the process easier for you.
Completing the course with Tricia as your personal coach, assures you of optimum results.  
The package includes 14 private one-hour sessions over the duration of three to six months – you set your own pace.  You are provided with an interactive online workbook that Tricia monitors as you progress through the course. No matter where you are in the world, you stay connected through conference calls via phone, computer (VoIP) or Skype video.

During each session, you will discuss your dreams, insights, challenges and breakthroughs as you complete the exercises and meditations. Tricia’s aim is to steer you towards your Optimal Futures as you embrace more of your True Self.
The videos offer you the experience of being apart of the live workshop as Tricia guides a small group of participants as they make their way through the 12-level course outlined in her book.

During the step-by-step process, she explains the Key Principles, answers questions and offers coaching tips on each of the exercises. You begin with The Orientation and Introduction Videos so you understand the Basic Principles and determine your Heart’s Desire moving forward. You can then progress through each of the12-levels at your own pace.

With each level of the course, you have access to the corresponding worksheets to help you complete the exercises. As an option, the audio version of the meditations for each level are also available on CDs or MP3 download.