Watch Segments from the Course

The Map of the Soul online course is divided into twelve levels of videos and worksheets to complement the format of the book. Choose a level to watch Tricia discuss the tools for overcoming negativity and connecting with your Optimum Future Self. Not a member yet? Join now and get access to the workshop.

Level 2 - Seeing Yourself Through the Eyes of Love – Self-Image
Level 1 - Silencing the Ego's Prattle - Negative Self Talk
Level 3 - Deciphering the Dark Matrix – Core Beliefs
Level 4 - Harnessing the Power of Resonance – Core Emotions
Level 5 - Uncovering your Silent Contracts – Negative Scripts
Level 6 - Retrieving the Depths of Soul and Spirit – Shadow
Level 7 - Claiming Autonomy and Freedom – Life Lessons
Level 8 - Following True North – Authentic Self
Level 9 - The Dance of Soul and Spirit – Masculine & Feminine Energies
Level 10 - Dreaming and Visioning – The Light Matrix
Level 11 - Creating Magic and Miracles – Optimum Future Self
Level 12 - Discovering your True Destiny – Souls Purpose